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$ 4000.00 Incentive
Nissan Rogue Lease takeover
Nissan Rogue
Lease TakeOver

$ 3000.00 Incentive
Infiniti JX Lease takeover
Infiniti JX
Lease TakeOver

$ 3000.00 Incentive
Kia Sportage Lease takeover
Kia Sportage
Lease TakeOver

$ 2759.37 Incentive
Lexus Is350 Lease takeover
Lexus Is350
Lease TakeOver

$ 2000.00 Incentive
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Lease takeover
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
Lease TakeOver

$ 1500.00 Incentive
Audi A4 Lease takeover
Audi A4
Lease TakeOver

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Welcome to, Québec's 1st choice in online automobile lease takeovers. With 3496 cars transferred, is now the largest lease takeover publication in Québec!

Available Leases : 102 vehicles

No Longer Available: 3496 vehicles


Québec Leasing offers two unique services:

  • If you are currently leasing a vehicle that no longer meet your needs, you can offer to transfer your lease through this website. You can describe, with photo, your vehicle specifications and financial information. Interested parties will be able to communicate directly with you when more information is needed. Find someone to take-over your lease!

  • If you are looking into leasing a used (lease take-over) vehicle, you can search through the vast selection of available lease takeover's or you can even consult the incredibly appealing offers directly from our authorized dealers!
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Featured Lease Takeover's
Volkswagen Jetta TDI 2013
Takeover for $ 348.01

Volkswagen Jetta TDI Lease takeover
Honda Civic 2013
Takeover for $ 120.90

Honda Civic Lease takeover
Jeep Grand Cherokee - Transfer de Financement 2010
Takeover for $ 599.26

Jeep Grand Cherokee - Transfer de Financement Lease takeover
Kia Rio 2013
Takeover for $ 230.83

Kia Rio Lease takeover
Hyundai Accent 2014
Takeover for $ 130.00

Hyundai Accent Lease takeover
Kia Sportage 2013
Takeover for $ 396.93

Kia Sportage Lease takeover
Mazda Mazda 3 2013
Takeover for $ 241.00

Mazda Mazda 3 Lease takeover
Kia Soul 2013
Takeover for $ 302.35

Kia Soul Lease takeover
Kia Rio 2012
Takeover for $ 228.44

Kia Rio Lease takeover
Volkswagen Jetta 2013
Takeover for $ 273.08

Volkswagen Jetta Lease takeover
Mazda Mazda 3 2014
Takeover for $ 257.00

Mazda Mazda 3 Lease takeover
Volkswagen Jetta 2013
Takeover for $ 260.92

Volkswagen Jetta Lease takeover

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