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Our ad rates begin at $69.99 for automobile inclusions and $150 for dealer ad space. All price are subject to change. Ad space results may vary, we can not guarantee any sales. and, only the last 200 cars will be added.

Very Important** If your vehicle is sold or no longer available, please CONTACT US and let us know. We take great pride in running a user-friendly, reliable website, where potential buyers can be sure all advertised vehicles are available.

If we receive complaints that you cannot be reached, your ad will be deleted without notice! If your email or phone number is no longer valid, your ad will be deleted without notice!

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Lease transfer or your money back guarantee

Price of service
$29.99 registration fees, ad fees (varies per car) and taxes. All sums are paid in advance.

If does NOT transfer the lease within 90 days, the cost of the ad will be refunded excluding the $29.99 administration fees.

No refunds will be payable if:
· the vehicle is not available for transfer during the period of 90 days.
· the vehicle is transferred to a family member or friend
· the customer sells the vehicle before the 90 day term
· the vehicle is stolen
· the vehicle is involved in an accident and can not be transferred
· the client decides to no longer part with his/her vehicle

The vehicle and customer must be available for transfer at all times


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